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Enjoy Spring and Fall Fishing at Hanmer’s Riverside Resort

River access right outside your front door!

Our river facing cabins give you access to view and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Betsie River. Hanmer's offers a full cleaning facility and freezer space for your catch.

The fall brings the spawning season for Chinook and Coho on the surrounding rivers and creeks. Salmon were first planted in the great lakes in 1967 to control the exotic invive Alewife population. Alewives that thrived and astered after predators are now the salmon's primary food source.

Hanmer's Riverside Rsort & Livery LLC
Hanmer's Riverside Rsort & Livery LLC

Fishing for Chinook salmon

The food base for these particular salmon has really been good for the last five years. Chinook salmon have black gums, are larger than Coho and have a completely spotted tail. They are typically brownish black when they enter the river after maturing in the lake.

Fish in the Betsie River

The Betsie River is 50 miles long with many different places to stop the fish. An average of 12 to 28 pounds of Chinook is harvested at the Manistee Weir. Coho are harvested at Platte weir weigh 8 to 12 pounds on an average. Weirs on the Platte, Boardman and Little Manistee rivers prevent salmon from going upstream. Fish from the Platte and Little Manistee are harvested for their eggs, which are taken to Platte River hatchery. Platte River hatchery raises the Coho, and the Manistee Hatchery raises Chinook.

Hanmer's Riverside Rsort & Livery LLC

Fishing seasons

  • Spring river fishing happens from March through April.
  • Summer fishing on Lake Michigan happens from May through September (weather permitting) .
  • Fall Salmon River fishing is late August through November.
  • Steelhead fishing happens from mid-October through December (weather permitting) in Crystal Lake and other inland lakes, all year round.

A trout stamp is required with a valid fishing license.

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