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Autumn time at Hanmer's Riverside Resort
In the early fall, the lakes are still warm
enough for one last swim. Take a kayak or
canoe trip down the Betsie and watch the
salmon migrate upriver. From September
through November fishermen from around
the country, come to the famous Betsie
River to fish for that trophy king Salmon or
Steelhead Trout. October offers the return
of cool crisp days and a burst of colors with the season's change. Peak
color for us is about Oct.12th thru the 24th. Explore the country's back
roads, absorbing the peace and colors of the season. You may find
your Halloween pumpkin at quaint roadside stands along the way.
Bow deer hunting season starts October 1st. and rifle season
runs November 15 thru 30th. and Muzzule loader season starts
the second friday of December.   There are many square
miles of state land and the Federal National Park which is
along Lake Michigan to hunt on.   Most all public hunting land is
wooded with no agricultural land nearby.   There have been
very few doe permits issued in the last few years so our
population is increasing.
Riverside Resort & Livery
Benzonia, Michigan